Expert Furniture Restoration Services in Melbourne

When furniture becomes damaged or worn, many of us simply throw it out and replace it with something new. However, pieces can often be repurposed and even rediscovered with expert furniture restoration services such as those available from Clifton Upholstery.

Details such as varnish and upholstery can lose their lustre and become chipped and torn over the years. However, the structure and the main materials of the furniture often remain sound, meaning that with some expert care and attention, your piece can be returned to a state that’s good as new – perhaps, in some cases, even better! Restoration also has the benefit of preventing waste, stopping pieces that can be still be used from unnecessarily cluttering up landfill.

If you’re looking for professional furniture restoration in Melbourne, Clifton Upholstery provide outstanding work. Our highly experienced team are trained in both traditional and contemporary restoration methods and can return your furniture to its former glory with expert reupholstering, polishing and repair work.

Antique Furniture Restoration

Antique furniture restoration is a delicate and specialised skill. As these pieces can be valuable, it’s imperative to engage the services of highly experienced craftspeople to carry out work on them.

You can be confident that the team at Clifton Upholstery in Melbourne will handle all antique furniture restoration with the greatest care. Whether your pieces are constructed of wood, glass, inlay, leather and fabric, or require special treatments, we’ll ensure that your antique furniture is beautifully restored so you – and perhaps your descendants – can enjoy it for years to come.

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At Clifton Upholstery, we are committed to delivering high quality work in all of our restoration projects, antique or otherwise. We’ll ensure that your pieces are handled with meticulous attention to detail and great care.

Speak to us today for a free quote. We also offer free Pick Up & Delivery, within a 10km radius of store location, for lounge suites and large furniture items. For an exceptional standard of workmanship at affordable prices, the furniture restoration services at Clifton Upholstery are unbeatable.